Family • Gramineae / Poaceae - Eriochloa procera (Retz.) C. E. Hubb. - TROPICAL PGRASS - Gao ye shu

Scientific names

Eriochloa procera (Retz.) C. E. Hubb.
Eriochloa annulata (Flugge) Kunth
Eriochloa hackelii Honda
Argotis ramosa (Retz.) Poir.
Helopus annulatus (Flugge) Nees
Helopus javanicus Steud.
Milium ramosum Retz.
Panicum annulatum Flugge
Paspalum annulatum Flugge

Common names

Bakwit (Tag.)
Tropical cupgrass (Engl.)
Gao ye shu (Chin.)


Additional Sources and Suggested Readings

(1) Restorative Effect by Eriochloa procera (Retz.) C. Hubb. from CCl4 Induced Liver Injury / Vien Duoc Lieu / National Institute of Medicinal Materials (NIMM) /

(2) Eriochloa procera (Retz.) C.E.Hubb. / The Plant List

Bakwit is a tufted grass with a straight, slender stem, growing up to 22-90 centimeters high from a branched base, the culms spreading at base. Leaf blades are flat, 2.5 to 10 centimeters long, with villous axils and rachis, the pedicels with several long hairs. Flower stalk has numerous branches in opposite arrangement with the racemes nodding. Fruit is tiny and oblong with a pointed end, connected to the small stalk by a headlike structure or callus that is somewhat violet in color. Silky hairs grow from the base, covering the body of the fruit.

– Recently introduced to the Philippines.
– In damp grasslands, waste places, and along ditches in Manila, Quezon City and the suburbs.
– Occurs in the Pacific Islands, Fiji, Samoa, Hawaii, Palau, and Japan; China, Cambodia, Thailand, Australia.

– A weed with high seed productivity. Seeds easily dispersed by water and animals.

No reported folkloric medicinal use in the Philippines.
• Fodder: Considered a good fodder grass.

Study Findings
•Hepatoprotective:  Study of aqueous and ethanol extracts from Eriochloa procera showed the aqueous extract had the highest hepatoprotective effect. The restorative effects by an aqueous extracts of Eriochloa procera (Retz.) C. Hubb from CCl4 induced liver injury were studied in mice. The results demonstrated that the extracts in dose of 9 g/kg exhibited the good effect in this experimental model.