Climbing bird's nest fern

Family • Vitaceae - Microsorum punctatum (L.) Copel - FISHTAIL STRAP-FERN

Scientific names

Polypodium punctatum (L.) Sw.
Microsorum punctatum (L.) Sw.

Common names

Cimbing bird’s nest fern (Engl.)
Fishtail strap-fern (Engl.)

Climbing bird’s-nest fern is a robust ground fern with attractive leaves. Leaves are bright green, elongated, more or less ruffled at the margins and forking in various segments at the apex.

climbing bird's nest fern2

– Recently introduced; not widespread in the Philippines.
– Cutivated as an indoor plant.
– Widespread in the Old World.
– Reported in the Pacific islands, Malesia, tropical Asia, from southern China to India, Madagascar and Africa.

climbing bird's nest fern

Parts used

– No reported medicinal folkloric use in the Philippines.
– Decoction of plant used for coughing fits.
– Elsewhere, leaf juice used as purgative or enema.
– Leaf juice also used as diuretic and for healing wounds.