Family • Crassulaceae - Kalanchoe blossfeldiana Poelin. - CHRISTMAS KALANCHOE

Scientific name

Kalanchoe blossfeldiana Poelin.
Kalanchoe globulifera H. Perrier var coccinea

Common names

Flaming Katy (Engl.)
Christmas kalanchoe
Florist kalanchoe
Madagascar widow’s thrill (Engl.)

Other vernacular names

DANISH: Koraltop
FINNISH: Tulilatva.
FRENCH: Kalanchoe des fleuristes.
GERMAN: Flammendes katchen.
VIETNAMESE: Turong sinh xuan, Bao hi, Song doi


Additional Sources and Suggested Readings

(1) Antiviral activity of representatives of the family Crassulaceae / Shirobokov V P et al / Antibiotiki. 1981 Dec;26(12):897-900.

(2) Antiplasmid Potential of Kalanchoe blossfeldiana Against Multidrug Resistance Pseudomonas aeruginosa / ZirakFaqe Ahmed Abdulrahman / British Journal of Pharmacology and Toxicology 5(6): 177-185, 2014


Kalanchoe is a succulent, compact herb, growing to a height of 30 to 45 centimeters. Leaves are opposite, obovate, fleshy, sessile, glossy-green, 5 to 10 centimeters long, with slightly crenate or entire margins. Leaf veins are absent or indistinct. Inflorescences are terminal, borne by peduncles higher than the foliage. Flowers are many, red and small, with four petals, grouped in flower heads, borne on long stems, each head having between 20 to 50 flowers.

– Common garden plant.
– Ornamental cultivation.

• Study shows citronellol and geraniol can be obtained from KB.
• Study yielded flavonoids in flowers of 16 Kalanchoe blossfeldiana varieties.
• Phytochemical screening of methanol and water extracts yielded alkaloids, glycosides, flavonoids, tannin, saponin, resin and phenols.

• Considered antiviral, antiseptic, disinfectant.


– No reported folkloric use in the Philippines.

Study Findings
• Anthocyanin: Methyl jasmonate stimulates the formation and the accumulation of anthocyanin in Kalanchoe blossfeldiana.
• Antiviral: Antiviral activity of representatives of the family Crassulaceae: A study of antiviral properties of the juice of 11 species of the orpine family, 8 of them belonging to the genera Kalanchoe, showed a high virus neutralizing activity of the juice from 4 Kalanchoe species, including K. blossfeldiana.
• Flavonoids in Flowers: K blossfeldiana varieties with orange, pink, red and magenta flowers yielded 3,5-O-B-D-diglucosides of pelargonidin, cyanidin, peonidin, delphinidin, petunidin and malvidin. Pink, red and magenta varieties had relatively high amounts of quercetin based flavonols.
• Antiplasmid Potential Against MDR Pseudomonas aeruginosa: Methanolic and aqueous crude extracts of Kalanchoe blossfeldiana were used as medicinal plant for curing agent for reduction of antibiotic resistance genes of P. aeruginosa isolate P9. The effect of MIC of methanolic extract caused a reduction of resistance from 44-100% white the aqueous extract revealed decreasing of resistance from 36-86%.

Ornamental garden cultivation.