Family • Cucurbitaceae - Trichosanthes quinquangulata A. Gray - Wu jiao gua lou

Scientific names

Trichosanthes quinquangulata A. Gray

Other vernacular names

CHINESE: Wu jiao gua lou, Wu jiao ye gua lou, Lan yu kuo lou (Taiwan).
THAI: Buap liam.

Common names

Kabalonga (Tag.) Patolasi-gayang (Gad.)
Katimbau (Ilk.) Tabau-tabau (Ilk., Pang.)
Kalanum-uak (Bis.) Tabugok (Tag.)
Kaulalagda (Bag.) Tambanding (Ig.)
Lima (Ig.) Tibabayang (Sul)
Patolang-gubat (Tag.) Tibubukan-uak (Sul.)


Additional Sources and Suggested Readings

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Patolang-gubat is a coarse, smooth vine with angled or grooved stems. Leaves are somewhat rounded in outline, 10-20 cm long, heart-shaped at the base, 5- or 7-angled or lobed. Male racemes have long peduncles with many flowers, with large bracts, one or two are open at a time. Flowers are white and large. Calyx-lobes are 2 to 2.5 cm long and irregularly toothed. Fruit is rounded, 10 cm across, smooth, red or crimson.


– Found in thickets and old clearings, at low and medium ascending to 1,500 meters, in the Babuyan Islands; in Cagayan, Benguet, Bontoc, Nueva Viscaya, Pangasinan, Zambales, Bulacan, Bataan, Rizal and Laguna Provinces in Luzon; in Masbate, Panay, Mangsi; and in Mindanao.
– Widely distributed from Indo-China throughout Malaysia.
– Reported in Java, Sumatra, Borneo, Laos, Vietnam, Thailand.

Parts used

Constituents and properties
• Seed yields tirchosanthin, a ribosome-inhibiting protein and trichomislin, which induces apoptosis. source


• Mature seeds are finely powdered and cooked with coconut oil and applied externally to itchy skin lesions.
• Powdered seeds mixed with wine and drank for stomach aches.

Study Findings
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