Ribbon fern

Family • Ophioglossaceae - Ophioglossum pendulum Linn. - HANGING ADDER'S TONGUE FERN

Scientific names

Ophioglossum pendulum Linn.

Common names

Hanging adder’s-tongue fern (Engl.)
Old world adder’s tongue (Engl.)
Ribbon fern (Engl.)

Ribbon fern

Additional Sources and Suggested Readings

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Strobilus. From tropical Asia. Grown by Dan Yansura.Botany
Ophioglossum pendulum is an epiphytic fern. Leaves are long, pendant, ribbonlike, up to 120 cm long and 2.5 cm wide, one to several times forked, and with undulating margins. Fertile stalk is with strobilus to 15 cm long.

Ribbon fern2

Usually on trunks and branches of trees in damp primary forests.
Occasionally planted as ornamental.
Widely distributed in the tropics.

Parts used

Ribbon fern3

Ribbon fern5

In Moorea, French Polynesia, plant used for indigestion.
In India, fronds used in the form of a scalp ointment to improve hair growth.
In Malaysia, juice of leaves used by the Temuan tribe as shampoo to clean and treat hair.