Soldier's orchid

Family • Orchidaceae - Zeuxine strateumatica (L.) Schltr. - LAWN ORCHID - Xi ye xian zhu lan

Scientific names

Orchis strateumatica Linn.
Spiranthes strateumatica Lindl.
Adenostylis integerrima Blume
Adenostylis emarginata Blume
Adenostylis strateumatica (L.) Ames.
Adenostylis sulcata Lindley
Zeuxine sulcata Lindl.
Zeuxine emarginata Lindl.
Zeuxine integerrima Lindl.
Zeuxine membranacea Lindl.
Zeuxine bracteata Wight
Zeuxine brevifolia Wight
Zeuxine robusta Wight
Zeuxine tripleura Lindl.
Zeuxine procumbens Blume
Zeuxine strateumatica Schltr.

Common names

Centipede grass orchid (Engl.)
Soldier’s orchid (Engl.)
Lawn orchid (Engl.)
Silk orchid (Engl.)
Xi ye xian zhu lan (Chin.)

Other vernacular names

CHINESE: Xian zhu lan.
JAPANESE: Kinu-ran.
VIETNAMESE: Ty trụ; Lan cỏ; Lan cói.

Soldier's orchid

Additional Sources and Suggested Readings

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Soldier's orchid2Botany
Zeuxine strateumatica is a terrestrial orchid. Stem is 5 to 30 centimeters tall, erect, smooth, and leafy at the top. Leaves are 2.5 to 5 centimeters long, with the margins usually recurved. Spike is 1.5 to 5 centimeters long, and densely flowered. Flowers are white, yellow, or very pale rose. Sepals are oblong, obtuse, and membranous. Petals are oblong and obtuse. Lip is yellow, equalling the sepals, cymbiform, contracted into a short, pubescent, claw-bearing, hammer-headed terminal lobe or 2 small lobes. Column is short and the rostellum short. Anther is ovate, and the pollinia pyriform. Capsule is about 7 millimeters long, and ellipsoid.

– In forests at low altitudes in the Misamis and Agusan Provinces in Mindanao.
– Occurs in Afghanistan, India, Ceylon, the Malay Peninsula, China, Assam, Japan, Java and Amboina.

In India and Bangladesh, plant is used as a salep.
Tubers and pseudobulbs used as restorative.