Trumpet tree

Family • Bignoneaceae - Tabebuia pallida (Lindl.) Miers. - WHITE CEDAR

Scientific names

Tabebuia pallida (Lindl.) Miers.
Tabebuia pentaphylla (L.) Hemsley
Tabebuia kuning

Common names

Cuban pink trumpet tree (Engl.)
Pink tecoma (Engl.)
White cedar (Engl.)
Whitewood (Engl.)

Tree with opposite and palmately compound leaves. Leaflets are obtuse, usually 1 to 3, sometimes 4 or 5, oblong or narrowly obovate, up to 10 cm long. Flowers are solitary to few, cymes up to 5 cm long. Corolla is lilac white with a yellow tube. Fruit is pendant, linear, capsule up to 25 cm long.

Trumpet tree2

Trumpet tree

Introduced to the Philippines.
A showy flowering street tree.

Parts utilized
Bark and leaves.

No recorded folkloric medicinal use in the Philippines.
In Antigua, bark of the tree used for corns and chopped leaves used for poultices.
Yields an excellent timber, used for making bowls, mortars and canoes.